I don’t think social media is all about the pretty because there are people who post real and meaningful post. Most people yeah they mostly care about the pretty selfies or the fine boys, but things that also go viral are news. For example, when that African American¬† lady was arrested and in her mug shot they claim she was already dead before they found her in her cell dead, that went viral fast, that’s actually how i found out about the case. Social Media is entertaining, but also useful, especially when meaningful stories become reposts.Thanks for reading another blog by me!


Hi, I’m Gianna Cortes and I’m 16 years old. Everyone that knows me calls me Gigi I guess you can say its short for Gianna. I’m in 11th grade which mean I’m a junior, upperclassmen status! Something that everyone should know about me is that I LOVE laughing and smiling, I don’t do it as much since my braces came on but like every human I slip up from time to time. I enjoy shopping, eating, sleeping, and hanging out with friends and family. I used to play basketball for my high school, Flanagan, but I’m trying to focus on school this year. Don’t get me wrong I love playing the girls are like sisters to me. But like everyone I have fears my main two are: clowns and public embarrassment. If you hate me or just wanna mess with me publicly dress up like a clown and I’ll probably pee myself crying,but like don’t do that. Just to say I’m very fun to be around and full of confusion and surprises!!